2-Stroke Agriculture Machine Grass Cutter Gasoline Grass Cutting Machine Parts Sweep Cutter Machine Price In Sri Lanka

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2-Stroke Agriculture Machine Grass Cutter Gasoline Grass Cutting Machine Parts Sweep Cutter Machine Price In Sri Lanka
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Grade: DIY, Industrial
Warranty: 3 Years
Customized Support: OEM, ODM
Place Of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: FarmBoxer
Model Number: BC41501
Cutting Type: Straight Metal Blade, Metal Blade
Feature: 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke, Forced Air Cooling, Single Cylinder, 2 Stroke, Forced Air Cooling, Single Cylinder
Power: 1.3Kw
Cutting Width: 30-2
Power Source: Petrol/Gasoline
Displacement: 50CC, 35.8cc, 51.7cc, 62CC
Applied Blade: 2 Blade, 40 T Blade,nylon Cutter
Engine Fuel Used: Lubricating Oil Mixed Gasoline (25:1)
Power Transmission Method:: Automatic Centrifugal Clutch, Spiral Gear
Engine Type: Single Cylinder Air Cooling 2-cycle Gasoline Engine
Engine Lubricating Oil Used: 2 Cycle Gasoline Engine
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: FarmBoxer
Model Number: BC41501
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: everything in one carton box with foam inside
Supply Ability: 20000 Box/Boxes per Month
Product Description
Grass Trimmer - Specification
Farm Boxer
Output Power
Max No-load Speed
Power Transmission Method
Automatic centrifugal clutch, spiral gear
Apllied Blade
2 teeth blade, 40 teeth blade, nylon cutter
Engine Type
Single cylinder air cooling 2-cycle gasoline engine
Engine Displacement
Engine Starting Method
Recoil starter
Engine Stopping Method
Sparking circuit primary short
Engine Fuel Used
Lubricating oil mixed gasoline (25:1)
Engine Lubricating Oil Used
2-cycle engine oil
Engine Fuel Tank Capacity
Products Description

No.1 factory to produce 4-stroke brush cutters in Zhejiang province.High quality for 20 years

FARMBOXER branded 4-stroke engine powered brush cutters is ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD's first development for the brushcutters since 2000.its quality is very stable after 20 years development and products.Its quality belong to first classs in China.you are welcome to chose this products at its very imexpensive cost and high quality.

How can we garrante the quality

1.43 years of experienced engine development engineers in the line of engines
2.Strict parts quality control starting from the raw material to this finished productss
3.Full quality monitors system from parts to the finished products
4.Life test for each parts of each model of farmboxer branded products
5.Automatic quality system manqement for the steps of products.
6.ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD focuses on the high quality parts.
7.Quality improvment according to the feedback and claims from the market.
9.Customer's caring is very important for the quality control.
10.Practical use concept to design machines after investigation from end users.
11.24 hours on line service over the world.
12.Quality control under your eyes.
13.Field test is necessary step before shipment.
If you need to know more,please check www.chinagardentec.com or www.gtardentec.com
FARMBOXER and ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD is your first partners in China.
From the photo,you can see its high quality difference from other factory,ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD only focus on high quality and service,each part and each component is very important for its size and life testing.FARMBOXER and ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD is your first choose in China in the line of fast delivery and high quality.
Only field test can tell you what the machine have some trouble,testing is FARMBOXER's score test before deliverying,if we find some problem,the machines will return to its workroom and check what is its mainproducts.if assembly problem,we will produce again,if parts problem,we need to return the parts and re produce.you can go to www.chinagardentec.com and check and what's going on .there are some important information for youto decide.Please be noted that,all the quality is from each part quality control and assembly and the factory's responsibility.ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD has its advantage here.BC360 brush cutters is good at its quality and service,quaity control for each step
FARMBOXER branded products belong to ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.always focus on high quality 2-stroke engine powered brush cutters and high quality grass trimmer engine can do everything you want,please check our products clearly.
ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD only focuses on high quality products such as brush cutters and chain saws in China since 1986,FARMBOXER branded products belong to middle high quality with good quality and service,FARMBOXER AND GARDEN BOXER is main brand

Feactures of FARMBOXER branded 4-stroke engine brush cutters

1.Lightweight ,only 7.8kg
2.Engine quality is high quality,20 years to development and production since 1986.FARMBOXER branded
3.Zhejiang gardentec co,.ltd has improved 200 claims from the customers.
4.Farmboxer approved parts is strict at its dimension and ral material according the farmboxer branded drawing of design
5.310 hours engine life test can go on till its end about 500 hours.
6.Fast delivery if FARMBOXER branded products.
7.Without stop itself if you rotary the engines 360 degree.
8.Low noise and heavy duty use.
9.FARMBOXER team can keep you on service on 24 hours perday.
if you need to know more,please check www.chinagardentec.com
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to keep good quality, to guarantee the quality and delivery, even the service after sale.
* Market manager with 20 years of garden machine market experience
* Engineers with 40 years of development of engine
* Quality control manager of 15 years working with Market manager
* Complete step of quality control under your eyes
* Samples sealed before placing order
* Parts-checking on the production line according to sealed sample
* Quality problem found and solution in factory
* Quality checking before shipment and solution before shipment
* Parts supply and supply all claims over the worked
* Service training or repair service in the customer’s working factory.
* Responsibility of all lost if problem happened
The field testing is our important step of the quality control system.When the goods are ready well waiting for final step of
packing,it is necessary to test in the field although we have the full quality control on the production line,it is last gate of
the quality,if without it,the quality will be potential,at least,we can not feel confident to say,there is no problem.
When field test,it is really a big cost,because we need our workers and oil and fuel,tools even in the 43 degree weather,one
time.it needs 2—3 tanks of fuel.
Semi-AIn the hot weather,it needs our workers to have the energy to do this job,if they can not,it will be dangerous to working withhigh speed machines with hot engines.but our workers can do this job with full attention,they need to watch the machines and checkwhat its problem is and what is potential problems and how to cause it.it is hard job.They need to focus on it and keep all small problem which caused the customers headache small troubles such as leaking, ofixing,small parts loosing and so on.
The quality control is not just a paper or a word,ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD and farm boxer always act in each parts,FARMBOXER team always use the instruments or advanced modern equipment to check its material and size,hardness,the equipment and test report decide the quality
FARM BOXER always respect the end users as the first because if the machines can not work,the end users can not know its problem,or how to solve because they have no tools,so the headache will let the users disappointed and tired of the machines,theresult is that,the customers waste time and return the machines to the shop,that is very terrible disaster!
ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.farmboxer branded instruments have the full test instruments from parts test incouding material testing and finished products.we check the quality not by ears and feeling,eyes,but also by full correct macines and instruments.Because of these machines,our quality is always stable and no problem.
ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.has donated this FARMBOXER branded fogging machines to The Red Cross,Now more and more persons use this FARMBOXER branded fogging machines in China
ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD is a company with full responsiblity ,the profit is from the end users,so if we have much money and the trouble from nation,we must donated our products to our contry,money is also important,but the love to person is also important,love with money,some trouble is easy to solve..FARMBOXER is your trustable partners in China
We also cooperate with African government orgnanizers to distributors our farm machines to agricultural development.we hope our FARMBOXER branded machines can works a big function on its works
We are working with African government to sign the contract
FARMBOXER branded team and ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD always happy to work with African company.you can check www.chinagardentec.com
In all,FARMBOXER branded products is your first choice,with the responsiblity,ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.always pay attention toyour feedback and keeping improving,if you need to know more information,please contactZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.
Jinhua Gardentec Imp&Exp Co,.Ltd.
Tel:+86 579 82357900,Mob:+86 13967970555
Fax:+86 4008266163-72266
If you want to watch Video,please check:
And parts catalogue.
Add:No.268,Yongkang street,Jinhua city,Zhejiang,China
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